A Film Photographer

This is my first entry: "A Film Photographer".

Film, because I am native of traditional photography, and although I make use of the digital technology in part of my work, the body of it is in physical support. On film.

I take this opportunity to talk about the difference between the "analog" and the film concepts.

The analogy arises mainly in the world of audio and video, which initially or "traditionally" were recorded on magnetic media, so the devices captured the "analog signals" and then transfer them to a reproduction system.

With the appearance of computers arises the "digital" unit of the bits. Zeros and ones that combined formed a set of information or bytes. The digital age had begun.

This involved the transfer, conversion and generation of digital sounds and images, so to differentiate them from the old ones, they were called "analog". Analog image, analog sound, etc.

Hence, everything that is not digital is analog.

In the case of photography, the recording medium is chemical, not magnetic, unlike sound and video. However, it was not exempt from the denomination and therefore film photography is popularly called "analog".

When thinking about the name of my blog, obviously I was inclined initially to talk about analog photography, however, after giving it a thought, I considererd it was more appropriate to give it the name of the medium: Film. And being a user of it, I was automatically classified as "a film photographer".

I'm not a person very attached to the digital medium, from the point of view of a blogger, but I think it's important to have a support where I can record my experiences, thoughts and ramblings about what my passion is: photography.

I hope to be constant, but do not be surprised if I am a few weeks (or months) gone, it's okay, I just simply "taking my time" ...

I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings. This blog is open for comments, as long as they are respectful and constructive.